Why Bother Wine-ing?

Always more to offer...

There is nothing quite like the phone call that abruptly halts your life and puts you in the proverbial tailspin.  It goes something like this: Are you sitting down? Do you have someone there with you? It’s lymphoma.

Over six years have passed since that horrific Thursday. There is no sense in complaining. Although I fought it, I can’t stop it from coming back but I can certainly enjoy life in the meantime.

I always liked writing, I always loved food and I have always enjoyed wine.  It didn’t take long to envision myself as a freelance food and wine journalist.

My new life, my adventure, began when I expanded my already existing business of event planning into restaurant development. Once that was under way, I enrolled in  classes with the Master Court of Sommeliers. (Sommelier is a fancy French word for someone who drinks a relatively large amount of wine and knows a little bit about it.  You can open a bottle yourself and find out more). With my acceptance into the Court of Sommeliers and my business growing, I was ready to enter phase three. I re-enrolled at the University of Buffalo in January of 2008 with the goal of obtaining both an English BA as well as a journalism certificate.

Graduation is just a few months away. It is about time to pick up a fork, open a bottle and grab a pen…the next adventure is about to begin!


2 responses to “Why Bother Wine-ing?

  1. Great post Jennifer. Electrifying. Love the headline. I look forward to reading more from you.

    Content: 4 Would have liked to hear more about your struggles — although clearly it’s hard to write about. But if you start, you can’t leave the reader handing.

    Links: 3 Would never have found that school on my own

    Grammar: No obvious errors

    10 points

  2. Im glad that you gave me a different word for my passion for drinking wine… Sommelier..way better than lush. haha

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